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   Anatoliy Maklov was born in 1940 in Leningrad, Russia. From a variety of interests, the enthusiasm for photography prevailed. He has been engaged with photography since the age of 15, with an emphasise on nudes and portraits. Recently he has started shooting landscapes. He has no attachment in photographic equipment, instead concerning himself more with the results than the means.    Anatoliy Maklov has participated in many exhibitions throughout Russia and Finland. The most significant one for him was an exhibition devoted to 150 years of photographic history, which was shown in the Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow. His romantic series 'Egypt' was exhibited there. He has been a member of the photo-club 'Orbit' for many years, serving in the position of Chairman.

Romantic series "Egypt"

Maklov 1
* * *
Maklov 2
* * *
Maklov 3
* * *
Maklov 4
* * *

Maklov 5
The solar morning
Maklov 6
* * *
Maklov 7

Maklov 8
Maklov 9
Maklov 10
The antithesis

Maklov 38
The orchid
Maklov 39
* * *

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